MacBook Air SSD Is $999 Add-On

If the $1799 price of the MacBook Air didn't dissuade you from picking up "the world's thinnest notebook" and, as a bit of a road-warrior, you were tempted by the 64GB SSD option, prepare to hack away at that spare piggy-bank.  Apple's spec customisation page shows just how much you'll have to pay to swap out the standard 80GB 4200rpm hard-drive for the solid-state alternative, and it's a whopping $999.

That's right, adding the SSD takes the cost of the MacBook Air to a stunning $2,798.  Other options are to up the Core 2 Duo CPU from 1.6 to 1.8GHz, at a cost of $300, and adding a USB ethernet adaptor for a far more reasonable $29.

Apple MacBook Air product page