MacBook Air having identity crisis? - How'd you lose your MBA?

So we have two examples of slim, lightweight, completely smooth MacBook causing some problems. In the first example, a gentleman got stopped by airport security for his MacBook Air.

Why, you might ask, well that's quite simple, its thin, lighter than you'd expect, made with an all-metal shell and doesn't have near as many ports as you'd expect a laptop to. The ports thing was what really had the security personnel thinking it was a bomb, normally notebooks are covered in ports on all sides, the MBA has one little set of 3 ports, and even those are hidden away, like bombs in the movies. Thankfully, another member of the security team who's younger than about 40 came over and informed them that it was in fact a computer and they needed to let the man go.

The second example, your going to love this one, consider how much a weekend version of the New Your Times weighs, and how much paper there is in there, now if you didn't fold it up, and just threw it all over the place on your coffee table, the same place where you MacBook Air were, what do you think the chances are of your wife throwing away such a thin and light notebook right along with the morning Times? Well, apparently pretty as it's happened now at least once. So, my condolences to Mr. Steven Levy from Newsweek on his loss, and hopefully the TSA won't harass the other gentleman anymore.

[via Slashdot and Valleywag]