MacBook Air 3G tipped by Apple survey

A new Apple survey has prompted suggestions that the company is planning a MacBook Air 3G, with integrated high-speed cellular connectivity. The questionnaire, spotted by AppleInsider, asks a number of questions of MacBook Air owners about their use of 3G wireless, including how often they take advantage of it and what sort of modem they use – USB, wired or wireless tethering, mobile hotspot or something else.

Another question deals with potential use of the 3G radio, asking what existing external 3G users do the most with their wireless. There's also a query about what might encourage a MacBook Air owner to use 3G instead of a regular WiFi connection.

Although it's not conclusive proof that a MacBook Air 3G is on the cards, the ultraportable would be the ideal candidate for what would be Apple's first integrated 3G chipset option. Apple confirmed at the notebook's launch that it has already borrowed much from the technology of the iPad, including the quick-boot system, and recently there have been rumors – albeit with no mention of 3G – that Apple is preparing a Sandy Bridge update of the MacBook Air.