The MacBook Air

Vincent Nguyen - Jan 12, 2008
The MacBook Air

[Update] Macworld 08: MacBook Air is Apple’s long-awaited ultraportable

Apple’s multi-touch Newton tablet will be MIA at this year’s Macworld Keynote but in its place might be the MacBook Air. Yes sir, MacRumors claimed to have heard various whispers that Steve Jobs will introduce the MacBook Air. Take this information for what it’s worth, because Apple has been known to send out false hardware specs and design info.

The MacBook Air is said to sport a 13.3-inch screen, has an external optical drive, sporting a slim notebook form factor. The site stressed that the MacBook Air is NOT a sub notebook. It’s possible that Apple will embed WiMax into the new device.

If this info is remotely true, I know for sure I’m getting one! Lugging around my MacBook Pro this past year has been quit painful on my back and shoulder. It’s time for some Air baby.

Make sure to check SlashGear for live Macwold 08 Keynote coverage including up to the second reporting as well as images and videos.

“MacBook Air” Whispers… [via 9to5 mac]

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