Mac Pro availability ramped up to 1-2 week shipping

Supposing you've seen the newest Mac Pro on the market and you've been waiting for shipping times to decrease to realistic timespans, today you'll be happy. This tube-shaped desktop computer has had its shipping time decreased to between 1-2 weeks for the first time since it was first offered to the public.

This shipping time estimate is different depending on what region you're in. If you're in the United States, you might still see 2-3 week estimates for shipping for the Mac Pro. In the United Kingdom, pretty much everywhere you'll find 1-2 weeks.

Several parts of Europe also have 1-2 weeks shipping set – which shouldn't make a whole lot of sense given the USA-based construction of this device – but there it is. No matter how you look at it, the Mac Pro is becoming more available across the planet.

For a closer look at this device, have a peek at our original Mac Pro 2013 Review. There you'll find a future-ready machine that's all Apple, made to make a powerful workstation for your home office with as little clutter as possible. It's so very shiny, too.

VIA: MacRumors