Mac Pro 2013 USA assembly tipped for Fort Worth

Chris Burns - Jun 13, 2013
Mac Pro 2013 USA assembly tipped for Fort Worth

Down in Texas this year, it would appear that more than just Motorola will be pushing a hero product through a Fort Worth production facility. Puzzle pieces were put together soon after it was announced that the 2013 iteration of the Mac Pro would be assembled in the United States – could it be that Tim Cook’s chat with the US Senate let it be known where Apple would be putting this machine together? It’s down in Flextronics’ relatively new facilities with Alliance that we’re looking at today.

If you’ve heard of Flextronics before, it’s likely because they had a large part in creating the very first Xbox. It was suggested a little over a year ago that the “Xbox 720”, as the Xbox One was referred to at the time, was also going to be put together by Flextronics in the southern end of the USA.

According to Dallas Business Journal, Flextronics has most recently taken over an Alliance development in Fort Worth for Motorola manufacturing. This combination of place and business has been tipped to be bringing the Motorola “Moto X” (or Motorola X-Phone, as it were), to the public.

The Flextronics team took this facility at 5650 Alliance Gateway Freeway over after Nokia shut it down back in 2006, having left the building closed for more than 5 years.

Now, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo speaking with Economic Daily News in Taiwan, Apple will be working with Flextronics as partner on the Mac Pro. As Mac Rumors suggests their anonymous tipster has said the same, saying they’ll be using the new facility in Texas to do so.

This all falls in line with Tim Cook’s chat with the Senate last month in which he disclosed word that their next product would be assembled inside Texas. So don’t be too surprised when you see a whole mess of bit white trucks traveling from Texas to Apple Stores all over the USA later this year, cylinders inside.

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