Mac Pro 2013 3D Printed For Early Side-By-Side Photographs

While the 2013 edition of the Mac Pro wont be delivered as a final market-ready consumable until later this year, the folks at Japan-based Mac People magazine have decided they couldn't wait any longer. They've taken what specifications they could gather of the Mac Pro 2013 and have taken to the 3D printing machines they had on-hand, creating what's not exactly the Mac Pro as such, but just about as close as we're going to get until Apple releases the real deal.

This device mock-up allows the masses to see the next-generation Apple machine in all its glory next to a collection of Apple products. While Apple already showed the new Mac Pro next to the old Mac Pro, here the new Mac Pro is also shown from several angles, and next to a MacBook Air and an iMac as well. You'll also not likely see the new Mac Pro next to the Mac Mini in a photo straight from Apple any time soon.

Also included is a photo of this mock-up of the 2013 Mac Pro next to the iPad. Here you'll see the devices to be rather similar in height, while the Mac Pro is a bit smaller in width – though it's a sphere while the iPad is more of a box, as it is. Meanwhile the Mac Pro 2013 will not offer a smaller solution to at-home desktop computing than the Mac Mini, but it will bring this desktop experience with – far and away – more power than the smaller product.

The Mac Pro is ready to be sent out to Apple stores later this year – while it's possible the product will be re-announced as ready for business at the upcoming September 10th Apple event, it's more likely that Apple will stick to the mobile universe. It's been rumored that this event will show off the likes of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C as well as a possible release of the iOS 7 mobile operating system. A full launch of OS X Mavericks is just around the corner too!