M3D Pro 3D printer can print up to 7.5-inches tall

Typically, the less costly 3D printers aimed at consumers can only build smaller objects and they typically need to be tethered to a computer full time. A new 3D printer has landed on Kickstarter and has already blown its $100,000 goal out of the water by raising over $377,000 with 33 days to go on the project.

The printer is called the M3D Pro and it is able to print larger items up to 7.5" tall or 7.0" x 7.0" with outside dimensions of 10.5" cubed. The printer has a heated print bed that uses tempered heated glass for easy removal of printed objects. Layers can be printed at 25-350 microns with a 0.40mm nozzle extrusion

The printer also promises speed with prints using filament at 60mm/s and travel speeds up to 120mm/s. Stand alone mode lets the user send a print to the printer's internal memory allowing it to be untethered from a PC while printing. The device works with all industry standard 1.74mm filaments including particle filled material and high-temperature materials.

Other features include an embedded recovery mode that lets prints continue after jams or power outages and an advanced sensor network. That sensor network has a dual-ARM processor system that uses data from over two dozen sensors to provide improved consistency and reliability. The printer also comes with a 2-year warranty and features a tutorial mode to teach users how to use the printer. The M3D Pro printer is available for $499 or more with shipping estimated for January 2017. Some tiers won't ship until June 2017 or later. At a pledge of $599 or more the printer will ship in December 2016, at least while supplies last. Drop $699 or more and get the printer in November 2016.

SOURCE: Kickstarter