M3 Ds Real - Pumps up your DS

The DS is on my wish list for this year. I've been hording my sisters for quite some time now and it's just time I got my own. Being the hyper geek I am, though, I'll definitely be looking into using my DS to its full potential. M3 DS Real allows you to play homebrew games, and it supports more games than the older M3 DS Simply.

The M3 DS Real comes with Homebrew support, PDA software, Rumble expansion pack, and much, much, much more. It supports the DS Opera Browser and lets you watch movies and read text. It can store up to 8GB and saves directly to the micro SD card.

It'll set you back about $60. That seems worth it to me since you get the M3 DS Real card, the rumble pack, a carrying case and a USB card reader with the package.

Want to hop-up that DS of yours? [via CrunchGear]