M16 golf ball launcher is Mr. Driving Range Ball Picker Upper's worst nightmare

If they ever remake Caddy Shack, this is the weapon that Bill Murray's character will use to hunt gophers. Feast your eyes on the golf ball launcher that attaches to the barrel of your AR-15, M4, or M16 rifle. The launcher replaces your muzzle brake and launches the golf ball a really long way.

Just think of how much stress you could put that dude under that drives the armored golf cart that picks the balls up at the driving range when you whip this out. Of course, someone will call SWAT right away too considering the launcher is attached to an assault rifle.

The balls are propelled from the end of the launcher by the gasses forced down the barrel when a blank is fired. Some users claim the launcher will hurl a golf ball around 400 yards and at 200 yards the ball only drops 5-10 feet. It's not a good week to work at a driving range. You can get the accessory for $20, just set some money aside for bail and a good attorney if you hit the range after install.

Via Wired