M-Edge unveils waterproof case for Kindle

Shane McGlaun - Jan 6, 2010
M-Edge unveils waterproof case for Kindle

Typically, gadget hounds shy away from getting their gadgets near water. We all know if you get your laptop or other electronic device wet odds are the thing has had it. M-Edge has unveiled a new case for the Amazon Kindle that encourages you to get the device wet called the Guardian.

The case is waterproof to 1 meter and is designed to float. Not only will it float to allow you to retrieve the device from the water, but it floats upright so you can read in the tub or pool without having to hold the device in your hands.

The navigation buttons and keyboard of the Kindle are still fully usable and are covered in a flexible material that seals them away from water. The device has a hinged lid sealed with gaskets to prevent water from getting in. The case will ship this spring and will come in multiple colors.

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