M-Edge iPad 2 accessory line debuts

M-Edge has announced a new line of gear that is coming for the iPad 2 that launched this week from Apple. The new line of accessories for the iPad 2 includes several cases and jackets that should work for just about anyone that needs a case to protect their iPad. The line will launch this spring.

The line includes gear for the pro users with an Executive Jacket with a stand for propping the tablet up. A new case that is aimed at the business user called the Method Portfolio. It has more storage space than the typical iPad 2 case offers. M-Edge will also offer the Latitude Jacket that zips around the tablet to protect it from dust and drops.

The most interesting of the offerings is the Latitude Jacket with TheaterStand. It has a stand that will hold the iPad up at 16 different viewing angles in portrait or landscape modes. That stand will make watching video a snap for most users. The firm will also offer the Touring Sleeve made from neoprene and the Cambridge Jacket. The Touring Sleeve is the only item in the line available right now.