M-Dress is the Little Black Dress That’s Actually a Cell Phone

Evan Selleck - Aug 23, 2010
M-Dress is the Little Black Dress That’s Actually a Cell Phone

For the most part, clothing should probably just remain “clothing.” You know, stuff that keeps us warm, or generally just keeps us covered so we don’t freak out a bunch of people walking down the sidewalk. But, that’s not stopping some crafty designers from making a little black dress that’s actually, and we mean this, a cell phone. That’s right. You get to use a SIM card and everything.

The little black dress comes from anthropologist Ryan Genz and fashion designer Francesca Rosella. As you can see form the image, it’s specifically designed to be that “little black dress” that all women have, or want, hanging up in their closet. But this one comes with a surprise. Notice how the model is holding her hand up to her face? That’s not just a fashionable pose. The dress is actually installed with gesture recognition software, and it will actually answer an incoming call as you raise your hand to your face. Just like you would if you were actually holding a phone to your ear. As you might guess, the phone call will be disconnected when you lower your hand.

Where’s the antenna? That would be sewed into the hem-line of the dress. As for the aforementioned SIM card, there’s a place for the dress’ pre-configured card under the label. It has its own phone number, so you’ll have to get your phone calls to your cell phone forwarded to it, if you want to take advantage of it. The dress itself will be sold on CuteCircuit‘s website, and be the start of the company’s first commercial line-up. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any way to make phone calls (how about some voice recognition?), or see who is calling you at any given moment. And, while it doesn’t say how you can tell when someone’s calling, we’ve got plenty of ideas.

[via GearLog]

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