Lytro documentary brings LYTRO ILLUM camera to life

Chris Burns - May 20, 2014
Lytro documentary brings LYTRO ILLUM camera to life

This week an 11-minute documentary called “Emotions in a Different Light” has been released to the web for the public. This documentary is a relatively new way of going about showing off the abilities of a device – the LYTRO ILLUM in this case – with Lytro traveling along with a set of photographers to see what they do with the device in the field.

The Lytro crew have created two cameras, both of these able to capture files that allow the manual re-adjustment of focus in images on the fly. You no longer capture a single photo, but a sort of experience that you can continue to live after you’ve captured it.

While this is also a description – more or less – of a successful photograph taken with a traditional camera, Lytro aims to bring this art to a new dimension.

The above short documentary captures the following artists as they work with the LYTRO ILLUM out in the wild.

• Anna Webber, commercial music and entertainment portraits
• RomanLeo, fashion and portraits
• Lori Nix, dioramas
• Kyle Thompson, surreal conceptual
• Brian Nevins, action and sports

The LYTRO ILLUM takes the concept introduced with the original Lytro camera and makes it a whole lot easier to swallow. With a form that’s far closer to that of a traditional camera mixed with technology that’s entirely non-traditional, this machine is poised – again – to create a new age in photography.


The LYTRO ILLUM is not yet released to the public. It’ll be available for a cool $1,499.00 USD, on pre-order now with a $250 reserve deposit. The initial run for July is sold out – the next run will be released in August of 2014.

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