Lyrid meteor shower: here's how to watch it

The time is upon us for this year's Lyrid meteor shower, which takes place every April, with this year's shower expected to peak early tomorrow morning. While there's nothing quite like watching it outside betwixt the clouds, those foiled by poor weather or location aren't out of luck.

The 2014 Lyrid meteor shower is expected to take place until April 25, but will hit its peak for a handful of hours from midnight to early in the morning, possibly being diminished a bit by a bright moon. Those located in the Northern Hemisphere, it should be noted, will have a better chance of seeing it than those in the south.

If you're not able to see it outside for whatever reason, you'll be able to watch a live broadcast of it online, where you can catch it on your mobile or computer from work or the comfort of your home.

Said astronomer Bill Cooke: "Everyone in the Northern Hemisphere can see the Lyrid meteor shower tonight. The best viewing will be between midnight and dawn, local time to wherever you are. To watch the shower, find a place with dark, clear skies away from city lights. Give your eyes 30-45 minutes to adjust to the dark. Lie on your back and look up (avoid looking at the bright moon), allowing your eyes to take in as much sky as possible. Happy viewing!"