Lynx is your Alexa-powered robot assistant

Brittany A. Roston - Nov 20, 2017, 1:56pm CST
Lynx is your Alexa-powered robot assistant

Company UBTECH Robotics has announced the launch of Lynx, the first ever humanoid robot with Amazon Alexa baked in. The robot utilizes Amazon’s personal assistant along with UBTECH’s robotics tech to offer a variety of services and abilities, such as a surveillance mode for keeping an eye on your home while you’re away and playing music via voice commands.

Lynx has a friendly, child-like appearance, and is designed to meet various needs, essentially combining the functions of many devices into one. For example, an integrated PIR sensor is used to detect sound and motion in the room where Lynx is located, at which point a 30-second video clip is recorded and sent to the robot’s owner.

The robot is capable of voice interaction, doing things like taking pictures, dancing, or singing when commanded. Lynx doubles as an exercise coach and is able to teach yoga, among other things. There’s both presence and facial recognition, and it also sports an avatar mode via the related companion app. With avatar mode, the robot’s owner can access Lynx and use its combination of motion and video to check up on things in the home.

As well, Lynx can be used as a task management device, issuing reminders and alerts about emails, as well as proactive things like scheduling appointments or even making dinner reservations. Owners can organize reminders as needed and use Lynx to share events from the calendar with others. Finally, there’s support for finding and buying items via voice commands.

Amazon is exclusively offering Lynx for $799.99 USD.

SOURCE: BusinessWire

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