Lyft tests monthly ride plans, but they're not for casual riders

What seemed like an inevitability may soon be a reality. Ride-sharing company Lyft is now testing a subscription plan that will allow regular users to pay a flat monthly rate in exchange for a flat number of monthly rides. The plan may prove popular with customers who choose to regularly commute using ride-sharing cars rather than their own vehicle or public transport. If you're expecting something that's inexpensive, though, think again.

Frankly, it's surprising that so much time has passed without a monthly subscription planned being offered. It makes sense for Lyft to offer batches of rides that are paid for ahead of time, though the appeal would be limited to regular customers.

The plans were announced recently by Lyft CEO Logan Green, though he didn't go into many details. Now screenshots from a test of the plans have surfaced in which select users are presented with the subscription option. Based on the screenshots, the amount the customer would pay seems to vary. One example shows 60 rides per month for a flat monthly rate of $399.

Another example shows up to 30 rides for $199/month. These appear to cover rides that would otherwise cost up to $15 each, indicating there may be extra charges for customers who take longer rides under the pass. These passes are on an invite-only basis right now; it's not clear when or if Lyft will roll them out as an option for all riders.

In a statement to The Verge, Lyft said it has been testing monthly passes since last year, including a "variety" of plans for customers. Details on the company's broader plans weren't provided, however.

SOURCE: The Verge