Lyft teams with Sixt to expand car rental service

Lyft has been operating Lyft Rentals in California for a while and claims that its service provides a best-in-class car-rental experience. Lyft wants to expand that car-rental experience to other areas of the United States, and to do so has announced a new partnership with Sixt, an existing rental car company. Starting in August, Lyft users in Seattle, Las Vegas, and Miami will be able to rent a Sixt car via the Rentals tab in the Lyft app.

After the three-city launch, Lyft plans to expand to all cities within the Sixt Rental car network in the coming months. Lyft says that together the two companies have reimagined what renting a car should look like solving common pain points like long wait times at the rental counter, uncertainty in which car the renter will receive, and stress about getting home after dropping the rental car off.

The service allows the renters to get a seamless pickup and drop-off experience via a subsidized Lyft ride. Reservations can be made via the Lyft app and participating cities and soon via a new Lyft Rentals website.

Renting via the app will also get users a $10 credit for the return ride home after dropping off the rental car. One potential caveat is if you live further from the rental location than $10 will cover. That would mean some users could be out of pocket more than the price of the rental alone.

Users also have the option to add insurance coverage directly from the Lyft app. Users can rent vehicles with only a 30-minute notice via the app. It's unclear exactly when the rental service will roll out to all Sixt locations. It's also worth noting that Sixt does rent some very cool high-power Mustang performance cars.