Lyft Rolls Out Free Rides To Help Job Seekers Get Their First Paycheck

Ridesharing company Lyft has introduced a new program in partnership with the Goodwill, USO, and the United Way to help people get to their job interviews. Called the Jobs Access Program, the new perk will give free and discounted rides to people who are going to a job interview, as well as rides to work in the weeks until their first paycheck is available.

Reliable transportation keeps life moving — it's the primary factor in getting an education, medical treatment, and keeping a job. Despite that, many people who are struggling financially may find it difficult to get to a job interview on time if they're forced to rely on public transportation. A late bus or train can result in missing the interview and losing the job opportunity.

Lyft previously introduced programs designed to help individuals who may struggle with getting to the grocery store or doctor's office. Now the company is back with its new Jobs Access Program, something intended to offer reliable transportation during the job interview and training process.

The company says its new initiative will focus on three things: giving rides to and from job training, job interviews, and the first three weeks of employment at a new job. This should make it possible for someone to get their first paycheck, after which point they'll be able to start paying for their own trips to work.

The program is launching in more than 35 markets in the US and Canada, according to Lyft, which is working with a number of partners that will be responsible for 'connecting individuals in need with Lyft rides.' Depending on the market, riders can expect to get free or discounted trips to their job interview and more.