'Lyft Profiles' shoots for a happier ride-sharing experience

With ride-sharing services, two champions have emerged in Uber and Lyft. One gets a lion's share of the attention, while the other seems content to ride it out under the radar. Uber's negative press comes courtesy of bad actors using their platform, something Lyft has mostly been able to avoid. Whether it's a matter of uneven scaling between the two or Lyft's good fortune, we don't know. In launching Lyft Profiles, it's clear Lyft wants to avoid the bad mojo. They want to be your friendly ride-share option.

Lyft Profiles lets you give a bit of info about yourself via the Lyft app so you're not just a name and pick-up location. You can tell everyone where you're from, what kind of music you're into, and even add a quick write-up on what makes you who you are.

Profiles are available for both drivers and passengers, with driver profiles showing their rating and ride count.

So what's the angle, here? What's Lyft up to? It seems connections are the aim, and in putting a bit of context behind the person, it engages people to each other a bit better. You might find a workout buddy via Lyft Line, giving you someone to both split a ride and hit the gym with. A driver might check out what music you like and change the radio station before you get in their car.

Lyft says "profiles makes unearthing these small-world connections even easier, and is a big step toward our vision of reconnecting people and communities through better transportation." Though they don't have the scale or problems Uber does, this ounce of prevention that is Lyft Profiles might serve them well when they eventually arrive at that destination.

Source: Lyft