Lyft now lets up to five people split the fare

Lyft is making some changes, and among them is a new perk for customers: split fare. The feature is now available for those who use the ridesharing service, being presented in the app where users can choose a "Split payment" option and invite up to five other people to join in. Those invited people can then accept the invitation to be added to the ride (and thusly the final fare). This makes it easier for groups heading somewhere to divvy up the transportation cost.

Lyft introduced the new payment option yesterday with a somewhat awkward list of things that are "good to split" — like one's fare — and things that aren't so good to split, like one's pants, hence the image above.

This business move positions Lyft to better compete with its biggest competitor, Uber, which has already rolled out a split fare option likewise available in its app. In both Lyft and Uber's apps, the person with whom you split the fare must be in your contacts.

Lyft has been making several changes in recent times, no doubt an effort to take things up a notch. Among that is the company's decision to ditch the giant pink mustaches which are iconic to the brand, but often an annoyance to drivers and occasionally an embarrassment to riders.