Lyft is rolling out physical gift cards with Starbucks perk

Lyft has partnered with Starbucks to offer physical gift cards for the ridesharing service. The gift cards would ordinarily only be worth grabbing if you're giving someone a gift, but Starbucks is tossing its own perk into the mix: a $5 gift card as a bonus when buying a $20 gift card. That's enough to get a coffee or two for your morning commute, and may be reason enough to get a physical card instead of using your bank card.

Lyft announced the new physical cards on its website today, saying they'll be available at Starbucks stores across the U.S. in $20 denominations. A separate $5 Starbucks gift card is given to the buyer at the time of purchase. The Lyft card, shown below, is pink and currently available at Starbucks locations in the ridesharing service's "20 biggest cities."

Image above via TechCrunch

It seems Lyft is hoping people will pick these up to give away as gifts, maybe to give away to a kid who will be traveling alone or to an elderly parent as a way to get them familiar with the transportation option. Someone may not be too inclined to digitally buy someone Lyft credits, but a physical card with a bonus Starbucks fivver is more enticing.

This is the first time Lyft has offered physical gift cards, but not the first time it has partnered with Starbucks. Lyft launched a collaboration with Starbucks in 2015, and the company teases it will have some more announcements with the coffee chain in the future. Check out the timeline below for more Starbucks news!