Lyft considers "zen mode" option that gives riders a talk-free trip

Ridesharing company Lyft has considered adding a new "zen mode" ride option that lets the driver know not to speak to the rider, according to a new report. Chatty drivers aren't unusual when it comes to taxi rides, but many riders prefer to skip the small talk entirely, instead focusing on work or having a moment to relax. A "zen mode" could enable the rider to tell the driver their preference for silence without offending them.

The information comes from The Verge, which cites Lyft's head of product for autonomous driving Taggart Matthiesen. The concept is something Lyft has considered, according to Matthiesen, though it's not currently available and not promised as an eventual feature.

"At some point," he said, "we may play around with that idea, but that's unfortunately not really a feature at this point." The information was given during a podcast, where the idea of a quiet mode was brought up. Matthiesen merely touched on the concept, wrapping it into a larger overall picture of a future where cars are smarter.

An autonomous Lyft ride could, for example, know to dim the lights and keep things quiet if it's an early ride, or it could adjust the cabin temperature to the rider's specified preference. Whether the company will ever actually add such a feature is anyone's guess, but assuming it does, riders may one day be able to choose it within the app when ordering a ride.

SOURCE: The Verge