LVL wearable hydration monitor tracks activity and more

Drinking enough water is a big deal for active people who are into fitness. A new device has turned up on Kickstarter called the LVL that is hailed as the first wearable hydration monitor. The designers say that LVL allows the user to track the complete picture of their health and tracks activity, sleep, mood, and heart rate.

The wearable offers real-time hydration notifications and measures sweat rate accurately. The heart rate monitor portion measures using only the wrist, no chest straps are needed and the accuracy promises to be industry leading. LVL can record advanced sleep metrics and has a smart alarm.

The activity monitoring includes step tracking, distance, floors climbed, and other data. The wearable will tell you how much fluid you need to take in based on current levels and sweat rates. As you workout LVL will tell you how much to drink to maintain performance at your current sweat rate. The wearable will also tell you how much to drink before bed to sleep better.

The screen of the wearable is a full color OLED and it has side buttons for additional input. The LVL can be had with a black leather strap, brown leather strap, or with a silicone strap. The project is on Kickstarter seeking $50,000 and as raised over $1,117,000 so far. A pledge of $129 or more will get you a LVL with shipping in July 2017.

SOURCE: Kickstarter