Luxury hard glass Crystal CD packs JVC’s K2HD audio technology

Daniel Lim - Dec 10, 2008

Listen up, golden ears; If the Blu-Spec CD didn’t get your attention, the newer join-ventured of JVC’s K2HD audio coding and Japan largest optical disk manufacturer would, at least the price. Yes, the Japanese audio geeks are at it again. Victor Entertainment, a division of JVC has released a trio of Classical audio CD with “Super Excellent Glass” mastering process – a married product of JVC’s k2HD audio processing onto the cutting-edge high durability, high stability and high sound quality reproducibility glass manufacturing process CD from Memory-Tech.

Three titles at the cost of 180,000 yens each (nearly $2000) will be released around April next year, which features the Crystal Disc hard glass material with pure cold coating and JVC’s high fidelity K2 High Definition coding technology. K2HD is an epoch-making CD mastering technology realizing 24-bit high resolution information, and a wide frequency range that extends up to 100kHz from original master sources. The technology has been around since 2007, you probably can pick up a few titles on ebay or at used audio markets. The high cost is due to the optical hard glass material.

I’m sure the titles below well worth the wait for classic-nut audiophiles but hard glass or not, couple-thousand for an optical audio CD is too rich my blood.

Kaori Osamu village, “Aranjuez Concerto”
Ingrid Fuzjko V. Georgii-Hemming, “Campanella Miracle”
Ikuko Kawai, “New World”

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