Luxurite Introduces 82-Inch Glass TV

Evan Selleck - Jul 30, 2010, 12:27pm CDT
Luxurite Introduces 82-Inch Glass TV

Want a big TV? How about a ridiculously big TV? At 82-inches, the size of this TV is probably too big, but then again — if size matters, it probably matters most when it comes to the TV in your living room. Or, you know, your backyard. Did we mention that this TV is meant for the outdoors? Because we should. That’s where Luxurite wants you to put your brand new 82-inch TV.

Before we move forward, we should mention that the screen is a weather-proof LCD. So, that’s good. Not that that will stop a strong wind from blowing something into your (obviously) expensive HDTV, but still. It’s good for those rainy days. In any event, this new member of the “Giant” line-up of Luxurite HDTVs features a contrast ratio of 120,000:1, supports full 1080p HD resolution, and it has three HDMI ports, just for good measure.

Unfortunately, the 82-inch Glass TV isn’t available on the market quite yet, so Luxurite doesn’t have a tag on the price. But, we’re pretty sure that everyone can assume, safely, that this will be expensive. Really, really expensive. Or you could go for the smaller versions, at 15-, 17-, 19-, 22-, or 45-inches, they may be the better bet. But, like we said — size matters, right?

[via BornRich]

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