Luxman unveils D06 high end stereo SACD player

With the worsen economy, we aren't sure the market is ready for a $5,725 stereo SACD player, but considering the targeting audiences are likely audiophiles with exquisite taste in high-dollar home audio refinery, the cost of a $6000 finest audio equipment barely break a sweat. Luxman Japan has announced its second in command SACD/CD stereo player, D06, with features derived from the flagship, D08, at nearly half the price.

The Luxman D06 sports a rigid transport mechanism with original disk drive designed from the ground-up. Like its bigger sibling, it incorporates a 24-bit extender to expand redbook's dynamic range; features a dual-configured TI's PCM1792A Burr-Brown DAC with a theoretical ultra high signal to noise ratio of 132DB; as well as a low jitter system clock at reduction of 100ps or less in comparing with conventional counterparts.

The player handles SACD in a switchable PCM standard or natively with DSD to a pair of stereo output though a fully-balanced XLR or single-end RCA output. The 34lb's D06 is slated to ship from March for 525,000 yen (~$5,725).