Lunaz shows off its electrifying Aston Martin DB6 EV

Lunaz has been taking iconic and classic luxury vehicles from Rolls-Royce and others and turning them into modern electric vehicles with classic styling. Lunaz has now turned its hand to a classic and iconic sports car from Aston Martin. The company has revealed an Aston Martin DB6 that has been converted to an electric vehicle.

The conversion process takes the donor vehicle down to bare metal and then installs an electric powertrain. Many of the components and convenience features are brought up to modern standards. The result is a modern electric vehicle with all the style of a classic car with fit and finish, perhaps even better than when the car rolled off the assembly line.

The car in the images here is an Aston Martin DB6, but the company will also convert a DB4 or DB5 to an electric vehicle as well. Electric vehicles can be fitted with battery packs ranging between 80 and 120 kWh. They do support fast charging and can be ordered in the left or right-hand drive.

Lunaz says the Aston Martin can drive 255 miles per charge. The restoration process is worthy of a show car, with each version being 3D scanned, modeled in CAD, and then every small imperfection is corrected. Lunaz is building these cars on order, and as you might imagine, pricing can vary wildly with something highly customizable.

Lunaz says that exact pricing is communicated privately when buyers apply for the vehicle. However, it says buyers can expect pricing to exceed $1 million, plus local taxes for the DB6. Pricing could be different for anyone wanting to convert a DB5 or DB4. Aston Martin's DB6 makes a beautiful electric vehicle that is intended to be driven. We can't help but wonder if anyone with pockets deep enough to shell out $1 million or more for one of these would drive the vehicle at all.