LulzSec hackers swipe source code from Sony websites and post it online

Sony has taken a beating at the hands of hackers over the last few months. The biggest of all the hacks and the one that cost Sony the most pride and money was the hack of the PSN that resulted in the loss of details on many of the user accounts for the PSN including emails and other personal info. Sony is just now getting the network back online fully and trying to soothe angered users with free games. The hacks are still coming though with other Sony sites falling victim to hackers.

It sounds like the person in charge of network security at Sony might need to find a new line of work. The latest hack comes from the hacker group LulzSec. The hacker group announced yesterday that it had taken 54MB of source code from the Sony Computer Entertainment Developer Network and had taken internal network maps of Sony BMG networks. Sony also saw its networks hacked with Sony Pictures Russia and Sony Music Brazil also being attacked.

LulzSec took to the Pirate Bay to announce their hacker victory with a post that was updated to say, "ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: HACK SONY 6 TIMES! Oh damn, we just did it again, please also find enclosed internal network maps of Sony BMG." Sony has offered no official statement or comment on the new hacks.

[via ZDnet]