LulzSec hacker gets prison sentence for Sony Pictures hack

This week the man known as Cody Andrew Kretsinger has been issued a prison sentence for his part in a 2011 attack on a Sony Pictures-owned website, this incident earning hima cool 1 year in a federal cell. This particular hack ended up having the names and information of customers of Sony products stolen and leaked to the public. This information included the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of a massive amount of customers.

This sentence has been passed down after the defendant was arrested back in September of 2011. His original part in the crime took place in May of that same year, and he pled guilty to the crime in April of 2012. In other words, it's not always a quick path from the crime to the final sentence!

In similar situations related to this Sony Picture hack, LulzSec members Raynaldo Rivera and Hector Xavier Monsegur have also gone into agreements with the authorities. Monsegur, also known as "Sabu", has according to PC World agreed to work with the FBI as an informant and – again, according to this same source – played an important part in the identification of the other members of the LulzSec team.

Monsegur is currently set to face a maximum sentence of 124 years in prison, while Rivera (aka "neuron") is set to be sentenced on May the 16th. You'll be able to find more information on the hacking universe in our hacking tag portal as well as through a search for LulzSec in our archives!