Lugecubes are perfect for frat parties

I have been out of college for a while now and back in my day, our drinking games were decidedly low tech and typically just involved keg stands and funnels full of beer. We never went all complex and stuff, mostly because drunkards are a lazy lot. Quirky has announced a new product for those looking to get their drink on, weird style called Lugecubes.

The Lugecubes kit is a set of molds and a drinking spout that allows you to design your own liquor run through blocks of ice. The modular cube trays are split in half to save room in your freezer. The ice is clear and allows the drinker to see the alcohol as it makes its way through the ice.

The drinking spout is removable so you can clean it between drinkers, which is important considering where many frat partygoers' mouths end up. The kit even comes with a picture instruction book in case you aren't majoring in reading stuff. The kit is on preorder now for $22.47.