Lucky man gets Halo 3 early from Dell

First, a couple things, Halo 3 comes out tonight, so we all realize you will be playing that game hardcore for at least a couple days, but please don't forget to come back here and check us out, we will miss you. Second, who buys Xbox 360 games from Dell?

Well apparently if you do, and your package gets shipped via DHL, you just might receive your game early. Like this gentleman, who probably has a house full of Halo/Bungie groupies sitting at his house waiting on their turn to play right now?

Its great customer service, its also a great way to get some media attention in the blog world allowing you to start moving more units in terms of video games. I bet Microsoft and Bungie might be a little perturbed if they ever get wind of this.

Dell Sends You Halo 3 Slightly Early [via consumerist]