LucidTouch - now your other fingers get to do something too!

LucidTouch is an interesting concept that just seems like it would have a pass or fail type of learning spike. Essentially you get the touchscreen on the front you are used to, the one you use your thumbs on, and then via either a rear mounted camera or some other sort of touch sensor, your other fingers get to help out from the back.

That would make typing on an on-screen QWERTY keyboard almost as fast as typing on an actual keyboard, it would make drag and drop easier, and you'd have 8 more touch points than you're used to. The possibilities are endless and its not a bad idea, best of all, I believe it's being implemented, as a concept, on a Windows Mobile device.

I like how they are using a webcam and a special pad on the back right now, but obviously that system is way too bulky, and its kind of slow too. Could you imagine the mobile gaming possibilities with this system? You'd finally be able to have a fully functional controller instead of a D-Pad and then 1-3 other buttons.

[via justanothermobilemonday]