LucidCam camera brings VR content creation to consumers

Virtual reality holds as much promise for the entertainment industry as it does for the gaming industry, but it is still largely relegated to the realm of high-budget projects able to invest in large VR camera rigs. The team behind LucidCam aims to change that; they've developed a small pocketable camera with stereoscopic lenses that allows the everyday consumer to record VR content, and it won't cost more than the average smartphone.

If you want to record video for viewing on, for example, Google Cardboard, your options are limited. With LucidCam, however, it would simply involve pulling out the camera and recording like normal. A pair of wide-angles lenses capture 180-degree footage and still images, which can then be viewed using Cardboard or any other VR headset.

LucidCam is small enough to be put within a pocket or mounted on the body (a chest strap, for example). It records video at 1080p per eye, and takes photographs at a 2k resolution per eye. It will be sold with a cardboard viewer for users to enjoy their content, but LucidVR, the company behind the camera, says the camera would work with other viewer types as well. Both an iOS and Android app are available.

LucidVR is seeking funding on Indiegogo, where it has raised about $83,000 of its $100,000 goal. Forty days remain in the campaign, which is offering an early bird LucidCam unit for $299 USD. If the campaign is successful, the company plans to ship the product next summer.

SOURCE: Indiegogo