Lucid unveils UNITY graphics board architecture

Lucid has announced that it has unveiled the new UNITY graphics board architecture. The new architecture is designed to make HYDRALOGIX multi-GPU gaming accessible to more users. The HYDRALOGIX tech was previously known by the much better name Hydra.

The HYDRALOGIX 200 real time distributed processor tech will allow any NVIDIA or ATI GPU to be combined by vendors to create an affordable multi-GPU ready graphics card. The new processor allows the user to keep the video card they have now and buy any brand of GPU card in the future and still get the benefits of multiple GPU gaming.

Traditionally for SLI or Crossfire to work, you have to have the same exact brand and model of GPU in the machine. The processor will allow this to happen on any motherboard as long as the user plugs in a video card that is using the UNITY graphics board architecture. This is actually very cool and good news for the gamer. Consumer video cards using the new HYDRALOGIX 200 processor are expected in time for holiday shopping at under $199.