Lucasfilm Singapore getting new building in 2012 that looks like a Sandcrawler!

I think that like most Star Wars fans I have a love/hate relationship with George Lucas. He has been behind the two iconic franchises of my youth with Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Lucas has pimped Star Wars out more than I like in some instances, and he keeps changing things in the films that I thought were already excellent. Still, he is good for something epic every now and again.

Take for instance the building that Lucasfilm is creating in Singapore. The building is what you see in the rendering here. It will be the home of Lucasfilm in Singapore and is already under construction and set for completion next year. The building looks like a giant Sandcrawler. I always thought that building would be the scale of a Sandcrawler in the real world. The building will have animation studios and house ILM Singapore and LucasArts Singapore.

The building will also have eight floors of retail office space and retail shopping space will be included on the first floor. There will be a public park area, which appears to be under the building as well as an elevated public garden. The building will also house a data center, production capability and a 100-seat theater inside.