LucasArts legacy lives on in Prime Gaming push: Sam & Max, Secret of Monkey Island

Amazon heralded a return to some of the most beloved cult-classic video games ever made by LucasArts this summer in Prime Gaming. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you'll be able to "claim" a few games with Prime Gaming starting on July 1, then again on August 1 and September 1. The games are each LucasArts classic titles, each of them "iconic point-and-click adventures."

The July 1 release is The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. There'll be an August 1, 2021 release on Prime Gaming for claim of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. If you're still a Prime member on September 1, you'll be able to claim Sam & Max: Hit The Road.

Much like other recently popular game stores giving away free games, you need to have the Prime Gaming app in order to play the games you "own." You can claim The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition now for free, but you need to both have the app and an active Amazon Prime membership in order to play the game.

Amazon Prime Gaming also has a few other "free" games you can claim at the moment, each of them with said "claim" ending on August 2, 2021. There's Automachef (from Team17 Digital Ltd), Tales of the Neon Sea (from Thermite Games), Batman – The Enemy Within (from Telltale), The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature (from Plug In Digital), RAD (from Bandai Namco), and Portal Dogs (from Brain Connected).

There'll also likely be more titles turning over come August. The hero titles are, of course, the LucasArts games, each of which was either a monster hit when first released or became a slow burn monster over the past decades. Disney effectively shut down LucasArts back in 2013, but the legacy of the creators of the games the brand made live on. You'll find LucasArts classic games on all platforms now, from mobile to PC to Xbox and back again – have a peek, and drop in an X-Wing vs TIE Fighter battle if you've not already done so.