LucasArts game classics like Grim Fandango heading to Xbox Game Pass

In addition to the other Xbox Game Pass additions arriving this month, Microsoft has announced that its video game subscription service will also be getting a handful of LucasArts classics just in time for Halloween. These are, of course, the remastered versions of the classic games, which originally launched for platforms like DOS, classic Mac OS, and early versions of Windows.READ: Xbox Game Pass is ending October strong with new game additions

The classic game additions will include Day of the Tentacle originally released in 1993, Full Throttle originally released in 1995, and hit title Grim Fandango originally released in 1998. All three games feature pre-rendered art backgrounds and story-like gameplay, making for what is now a unique gaming experience.

All three games have previously been remastered for modern devices, including everything from the now-defunct PlayStation Vita to mobile platforms and the Xbox One / PlayStation 4. With their addition to the Xbox Game Pass, all three titles will be free to play on both Xbox and Windows 10 — assuming you have a subscription, of course.

According to game designer and former LucasArts legend Tim Schafer, the three classic games will be made available on Xbox Game Pass starting on October 29. Of course, if you aren't a subscriber, you also have the option of purchasing these titles individually, with the upside being that you retain access to them forever, not only as part of an ongoing subscription.

Xbox Game Pass is priced at $14.99/month, the same price to purchase each of these three classic game titles individually. A huge number of games are available through the game subscription, including major titles like Forza 7, DOOM Eternal, Destiny 2, DayZ, Gear 5, Halo 5, Minecraft Dungeons, Mortal Kombat X, and more.