LTE Rolls Out in Canada for the First Time Ever

Not that there's going to be another time that LTE will be rolling out in Canada, but it's never been there before! The folks at Rogers have released word that Canada's first Long Term Evolution will be coming from then, and folks in Ottawa will be the first to see the speed. The speedy network will be rolling out additionally in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal by the end of 2011 with an additional twenty-one markets inside of 2012. That's quick!

Those of you currently hanging out on Rogers will be glad to know that you'll be able to grab your first LTE-able devices starting again inside 2011 on devices from HTC and Samsung. Whether or not these devices will be the same as those already released in US markets or not is yet to be seen. Also at the launch there's the LTE Rocket stick, an LTE modem you'll be able to use to access LTE speeds from your laptop of home computer. This stick will allow you a theoretical speed of up to 75 Mbps on the Rogers LTE network.

This theoretical speed will include download speeds between 12 Mbps to 25 Mbps, while as the network evolves with better devices, max speeds will increase to 150 Mbps. Sound alright to you canucks? You'll be able to pick up your first LTE-enabled devices, the LTE Rocket Stick from one of four Ottowa locations right away:

• Rogers Authorized Dealer – Wireless Express, 205 Richmond Rd.

• Rogers Authorized Dealer – Go Communications, 901 Carling Ave.

• Rogers Plus, 11 Selkirk St.

• Rogers Plus, 1379A Woodroffe Ave.

Last we spoke about this LTE rollout, it was April and the infrastructure was already well on its way to reality. Canada on the rise!

[via Rogers]