LTE and 5G issues plague some iPhone 12 devices

Apple launched its iPhone 12 series not long ago, and they have been in the hands of end-users for more than a month. The devices represent the first generation from Apple that support 5G service. However, some users report issues with both 5G and LTE connectivity dropping, particularly when driving or traveling.

It's hard to know how widespread the problem is, but there are reportedly over 500 users on the Apple forums that have complained about the issue. Multiple users describe the issue in approximately the same way, and speculation suggests it has to do with how the iPhone 12 switches towers.

One user reports that after receiving the iPhone 12 Pro and activating it the next day, he drove a distance. When he arrived at the destination, his iPhone 12 Pro had no reception and showed a box in the screen center that said the iPhone wasn't activated. To get the device to activate again, he had turned Airplane mode on and then off.

This user reset the network settings and then reset the iPhone as new and reinstall from scratch only to find the same issue. This user says that Apple Tech Support did remotely install two profiles on his device, which didn't seem to remedy the issue. Reports that have surfaced online showing the same problem happens on both Verizon and AT&T.

Some T-Mobile users report the issue as well. A different user says that the Verizon executive relations team contacted him and said they know the issue. It's unclear at this time if Apple has acknowledged the issue and if a fix is on the way. It would seem to be a problem with the iPhone 12 itself since it's happening across multiple carriers.