Lowes Iris smart Home solutions use Microsoft Azure cloud tech

Lowes has announced the next generation of its Iris smart home product line and the new generation of products use Microsoft Azure cloud technology. The new line brings new functionality and better performance with updated software and hardware. The updates aim to make the Iris products easier to use and more intuitive.

The redesigned products now work with more than 75 devices. The main component is the Iris mobile app that is available for iOS and Android devices. This app allows the user to control their home and all the iris devices they own. The new Smart Hub sells for $59.99 and is sleeker and smaller with a processor inside that is more powerful, has more memory, local app engine, battery backup, and is Bluetooth compatible. It also works with Zigbee, Z-Wave, WiFi, and AllJoyn devices.

The other Iris devices start at $22.99 with the contact sensor as the least expensive device. The Smart Plug sells for $34.99, Motion Sensor sells for $29.99, Help Pendant sells for $29.99, Smart Button sells for $24.99, Smart Fob sells for $23.99, and the smart keypad sells for $39.99.

DIY starter packs are also available with the Security Pack including two contact sensors, motion sensor, and a smart keypad. Home Automation Pack is $129 and includes two contact sensors, motion sensor, smart plug, and smart button. The products are available in stores and online.