Lovefilm lands rights to Sony Pictures content streaming

It has been a while since we talked about Lovefilm. Certainly, the big news for the streaming service this year is that it was sold to another company looking to extend its reach in the UK. Lovefilm has now announced that it has landed new streaming rights to content from Sony pictures in its effort to better compete with Netflix streaming.

The streaming deal with Sony will kick off in June of 2012 for Lovefilm. There are some big films included in the streaming deal including The Social Network, Salt, and 2012. The streaming content will also include cartoons like Transformers and the Spectacular Spider-Man along with older kid focused films like The Karate Kid.

Lovefilm also landed the exclusive streaming rights to Arthur Christmas. These are going to be nice additions for UK fans of the service. Subscribers on the unlimited disc rental program with Lovefilm can stream for free.

[via Reghardware]