Love knows no bounds...or price

Dying for something that just screams Valentine's Day? Well now there is the new Ego Love Edition Laptop. With its pink handmade leather skin and the big red heart in the center, you can't get much more festive than this.

Now I know that this is an excessively pink laptop, but for some weird reason I find it incredibly cute. Especially the little red bow and the cute little heart charm. However, I kind of lost a bit of my excitement when I heard about another product from the same line, the Tulip Ego. The Tulip Ego is priced at $350,000 dollars. Now unfortunately they haven't released any real info about the Love Edition Laptop, so there is no real indication at what the price is going to be or what any of the specs will be like.

I know this must seem shocking that the Love Edition Laptop doesn't have any real info released two days before Valentine's Day, but hey maybe they will get around to it next year.

A perfect gift if she hearts laptops [via crave]