Lordstown Motors shows off Endurance race truck concept

As electric vehicles have become more common on roads around the country and the world, we've learned that being emissions-free doesn't mean giving up performance. Lordstown Motors is a company that will be producing an electric truck, and the company recently showed off a rendering of a concept Endurance racing truck that the company plans to enter in the San Felipe 250 off-road race in April.The concept shows a racing truck with racing seats and a roll cage inside but otherwise looks very similar to the Lordstown Endurance truck. While it looks very similar, there are some differences in the race concept. The differences include a quartet of driving lights that fill the space between the headlights and daytime running lamps.

By integrating the lights in the truck body this way, there is no need for external light bars keeping the overall appearance of the concept very streamlined and smooth. The wheel arches have wide black fender flares on them to cover larger than stock wheels and tires. Other changes include increased ride height and grippy off-road tires.

The side mirrors were removed for racing, and windows were taken out as well. The truck will be the first electric vehicle to compete in the San Felipe 250, which is actually 290 miles despite its name. The distance of the race is interesting because the electric vehicle is rated for 250 miles per charge, and that's presumably not when driven flat out.

It's unclear how exactly Lordstown Motors plans to get the range needs to complete the race. Presumably, finishing the race will involve a recharge at some point during the event or possibly a larger battery pack. Lordstown Motors made no official comment on how it will achieve the range needed to complete the event.