Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit 30-disc bundle will set you back $720

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Warner Bros. has announced a new collection for those who love Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. This new Limited Edition packages the extended versions of all six films together in a 30-disc set called The Middle-Earth Collection, including art books and disc cases made to look like leather-bound books. Sounds pretty nifty doesn't it?

Well, allow us to put any feelings of want and desire firmly to rest, as The Middle-Earth Collection will cost a staggering $720 when it's released in November. Regardless of how many cool extras come with The Middle-Earth Collection, we have a feeling that many people won't be able to get over the sticker shock from that insane price.

If, by some chance, you're still interested, here's what you'll get: The Middle Earth Collection contains the extended releases of all six of Jackson's films, which means you're getting dozens of hours of bonus content across both trilogies. In addition to the disc cases styled after leather-bound books, the collection also comes with a wooden rack to store your movies in, along with an art book styled after The Red Book of Westmarch and replica watercolors based on concept art from none other than Alan Lee and John Howe, two of the most famous Tolkien artists in the world.

However, considering that brunt of the collection can be found in much less expensive Blu-Ray trilogies, fans will have to weight whether those pieces of art, the stylized cases, and the bookshelf rack are worth paying hundreds of dollars extra. One look at the Amazon reviews suggests that this costs far too much for the few bonuses it provides over previous versions, with The Middle-Earth Collection currently sporting a one-and-a-half star rating from 116 reviews.

The fans who have voiced their opinion on Amazon definitely aren't happy with this collection, with many disappointed that the theatrical releases aren't present in this collection, nor are the bonus features that Jackson has said he's wanted to release for many years now. If you rely on Amazon reviews to help you determine whether or not a product is worth buying, the answer here is clear: stay away.

Assuming all of that hasn't been enough to sway you, The Middle-Earth Collection will enjoy a full release on November 1, while it'll be exclusively available through Amazon starting on October 4. Are you going to pick this up, or is the $720 asking price a little rich for your tastes?

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