Looxcie wearable camcorder/headset lets you lifecast with Android

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Our transition to Borg-like self-facilitating media nodes takes another geeky step, with Looxcie's eponymous headset-mounted Bluetooth camcorder.  Combining a regular Bluetooth headset with a 480 x 320 15fps camera, 4GB of onboard storage and a companion Android app that allows you to review and upload footage while on the move, Looxcie promises to help you share all those "wow, did you see that?!" moments those around you generally miss.

That 4GB is good for up to five hours of footage (stored in MP4 format at 800kbps) though the battery is only sufficient for four hours video use; it'll last for up to 10hrs if you only need it as a headset.  Interestingly, while you can manually start and end recording using the Android app as a viewfinder and editing station – and then transfer those clips via USB to your computer – the Looxcie is actually constantly buffering the last thirty seconds of footage.

Press the Instant Clip button on the headset itself, and the most recent video is sent wirelessly to your Android phone (running the Looxcie app) so you can save and/or upload it.  If you hold down the button, the clip is automatically uploaded with no other user intervention (handy if you're driving).  The Looxcie app will initially only be for Android 2.x devices, but it seems they're planning at least an iOS version too.

It's all very geeky, but since plenty of people are already past the embarrassment point of wearing a regular Bluetooth headset, perhaps they won't mind an all-seeing eye as well.  The Looxcie is listed – though not currently available to buy – at Amazon for $199.99.

[via GottaBeMobile]