Lookout security app for Android can now photograph thief, email the image

Lookout has updated its security and antivirus app for Android to include a new feature called Lock Cam. If the user's phone is stolen or an incorrect passcode or pattern is entered too many times, the app will take a picture of the assailant using the front-facing camera. The picture will then be emailed to the phone's owner.

The app accompanies an account with the company's website, Lookout.com, where information about the attempted intrusion is documented. When the phone owner receives an email notification and photograph, he or she can log into the online account to see the additional information, which includes the phone's present location and where it was before that.

The downside is that only Premium subscribers can use it, with a premium subscription costing $30 annually. The price isn't terribly high, however, and those with a high-end smartphone or who use it in a location where it is likely to be swiped, the feature just might help get it returned. Other features include the ability to display your own message when the phone is being accessed with your contact information for a good samaritan to return it.

The app can be nabbed from the Google Play Store, with the app's description saying that the supported OS versions vary based on the handset used. If it sounds like something you're interested in but you don't want to shell out the money upfront, Lookout offers a free two-week premium trial when you download it.

[via PC World]