Long ago, on a twitter account far, far away...

Cue the music please. This new app from Microsoft is intended to celebrate Kinect Star Wars that is launching soon on the Xbox 360. The app offered by Microsoft is free and can be downloaded for Windows Phone today. If you use Android or an iPhone, you will be able to get the app today as well.

The app will allow the user to learn more about the video game, but the coolest part is that it integrates your Facebook and twitter account. Once integrated it will stream your twitter or Facebook feeds like the opening text sequence we all know from Star Wars. Users of the app will be able to purchase a copy of the game from directly inside the app. Most people would probably download the app simply for the crawling twitter and Facebook feed text.

You should be able to get onto your smartphone's app store and download the free app right now. The app was designed and created by McCann London and UM International. Do you plan to buy the Star Wars game?

[via LBBonline]