London wants Google to bring its autonomous cars across the pond

Adam Westlake - Feb 6, 2016, 2:30 pm CST
London wants Google to bring its autonomous cars across the pond

Now that Google‘s little self-driving pod cars are making their way to more cities in the US for testing, overseas metropolises are starting to show an interest. Transportation officials in London revealed this week that they’ve begun early discussions with Google to bring their autonomous cars to the UK capital. This new comes right after the vehicles have made Washington State their third testing ground, following cities in Texas and California.

London’s Deputy Mayor for Transport Isabel Dedring has said that they recently met with Google to encourage their autonomous driving pilot program to come overseas. She added that the tech company would need to have their cars work in big cities, so when they’re ready to expand to other countries London would be happy to host their trials.

The comments were shared at an event focused on the future of transportation, where officials seem eager for self-driving technology to play a part in reducing costs and making London roads safer. Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin also announced that the government would be investing 20 million pounds (about $29 million) in autonomous driving projects in the UK.

He added that the technology will “profoundly change the way we travel within years,” with self-driving cars not only making transportation more convenient than it is now along with reducing traffic, but cutting down on accidents as well.


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