London Eye to glow with color depending on Twitter user positivity

The London Eye is what many of us here in the US would call a ferris wheel. Legendary British athlete Daley Thompson has cooked up a scheme to celebrate the 2012 Olympic Games set to kick off very soon that will see the London Eye light up depending on the positive energy shown by Twitter users. It will be lit up each night of the Olympics in relation to the positive or negative London 2012 comments on Twitter.

The light show will start at 2100 BST each day of the Olympics and Paralympic games. People can tweet their comments on London 2012 using #Energy2012 to have a say in how the Eye glows. The algorithm that controls the lights was designed by experts on sentiment analysis according to EDF Energy.

The algorithm splits the tweets into positive and negative conversations and then feeds them through software that converts them into a light show. The algorithm works out a percentage, so if the tweets using the special hash tag are 75% positive, three-fourths of the Eye will glow. The top sporting moments of the day will also be projected using different colors each night.

[via BBC]